Thursday, July 19, 2012

Painted Keys

My new apartment has two locks. And that means two different keys. But the keys look exactly alike! inconvenient. I was spending 15 minutes trying to figure out which key goes where, which way it goes, why it wasn’t working, etc. I couldn’t go anywhere in an efficient way- or come back from anywhere for that matter- for two days!
And then-it hit me. Paint the keys with nail polish. Duh. Everyone was doing it on Pinterest. Now, they were getting a little too fancy for me at the moment. Painting leopard print and designs...the works. I just needed something quick that told me which was top and which was bottom. 
The result?
Blue for bottom. Teal for top. Maybe one day I’ll decide to get a little fancier and paint designs on them. But for now, they do the job. 
  1. Gather the keys you want to paint. 
  2. Pick out your favorite nail polish you want to paint with. I chose to do kind of an association. Teal=Top. Blue=Bottom. Red wasn’t going to remind me of the top as much as Teal was. So that’s the route I went. 
  3. Lay down a paper towel. 
  4. Paint. about 3 to 4 layers.
  5. Let stand for a couple of hours.
  6. Boom. Done
Side note: Don’t let them stay in sunlight for to long. They might melt together. Oops.
So! Decorate your keys! Even better than this. Do some fancy designs. If you do leopard me. I love it. 

Keep making nifty things, 

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